Mold Services

We do mold and Environmental services all over Southern Saskatchewan.

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“I was qualified as an expert witness by the Honourable Judge. D. Bogdasavich to give an opinion as evidence in the area of mold growth and related mold information in a court case at Regina Provincial Court
– Civil Division on June 1, 2009.”

Environmental Commercial and Home Inspections (Mold)

A certified inspector will come to your business or home and perform an inspection. From this, they will be able to show you the extent of your problem if there is one. They will be able to tell you what caused the mold growth, how to stop that cause, and how to proceed in making your building safe again. Thermal Imaging Camera Technology is an invaluable assessment tool.

Grow-op Assessments

A certified inspector will inspect the property, take photos, samples and gather all necessary information to assess necessary remediation procedures.  A report will be issued with a quote to consult, remediate and rebuild to the original condition. Thermal Imaging Camera Technology may be used.

Mold and Asbestos Testing

Depending on your needs, a certified consultant will perform air or/and bulk samples for mold/asbestos.  Specialized equipment and techniques are used for sampling. All analyses of samples are done by an independent company, results are sent back to us to prepare a user-friendly report.  These reports are short and to the point.

Asbestos Consulting and Assessments

A certified inspector will come on-site to evaluate the present situation, make recommendations, and proceed as instructed. Sampling, both bulk and air can be done, and evaluation of samples is done independently.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Inspections are done by top environmental consultants with construction backgrounds and training. Inspections include examination of potential soil contamination, water drainage, possible asbestos and mold issues, hazardous substance storage, obvious building deficiencies, and building envelopes. Reports are direct and to the point.

CMHC Indoor Air Quality Inspections (2004)

A certified inspector will come to the property in question; to do a complete indoor air quality inspection to identify air quality issues.  A report will be put together and sent to the owner with issues and solutions.

Home Inspections for Home Buyers

We put all of our experience on the line to bring a new homeowner peace of mind when buying a home. This is a real inspection by a 30-year construction veteran with environmental experience. Buyers must be present to go through the home room by room, and we can also supply estimates of the cost of repairs! Written reports have an extra charge. Every year we examine homes for mold that have been inspected by Home inspectors with no building background. Be Careful!  What is your new home worth if you can’t live in it?  Thermal Imaging Camera Technology is available here.

Certified Mold Remediation

Residential and commercial services are offered.  Strict protocols are adhered to regardless if the property is residential or commercial. New equipment, HEPA vacuums, specialty enclosures, trained workers, and experience offers the safest remediation in the industry. Environmentally safe chemicals are used to protect from causing new environmental or health issues. CMHC and OH&S guidelines are exceeded in all remediations only professional conduct will be accepted on any site. These standards are what have made us first with Banks, School Divisions, Health Districts, CMHC, and homeowners.