Scott Lawrence From Lawrence Construction Talks About Teleposts In Your Home


Adjustable steel jack posts or “teleposts” are used to support the main beams in the basement.

Teleposts are steel columns located under beams on the lower level of homes to support the beams and floor structure of the house. These posts rest on the footings beneath the basement floor slab. Teleposts are designed to be adjusted to accommodate movement in these footings due to soil settlement and seasonal expansion and contraction of the clay soil, in our area.

Determining the location of the beams and teleposts in a home is the first step in any adjustment.

Homeowners often talk about “levelling” a beam by telepost adjustment, but this description is not accurate. What should be attempted is to maintain as straight a beam as possible, with little concern about level. Most homes will settle in one or more directions, which makes levelling the beams impossible. Maintaining a straight main beam will prevent bumps in the floors above and minimize cracks and movement in the walls.

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