Wood Floor Basement

Wood floor basements were developed by Lawrence Construction and used all over Southern Saskatchewan!

Wood Floor systems were developed by Lawrence Construction almost 12 years ago. It is used to replace those heaving and cracked concrete floors. This floor system will last much longer than any concrete floor, it is part of a larger and much more successful way of having a warm and dry basement. When we replace a concrete floor with our new wood system you do not lose any of the headspace that you have and sometimes we can gain some headroom!

A few facts you may not be aware of:

  • The cost is about the same. We have a lot of alkali issues out here, these Wood floors are not damaged by water or alkaline because it can’t get to them, therefore also no heaving.

  • Wood floors are also warmer and allow any kind of finish including hardwood. Most basement floors are below the frost line and are actually warmer than concrete.

  • NO! You don’t lose any headroom or basement height.

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  • Wood basements
    Wood basements
  • Wood floor system
    Wood floor system


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