Grow Operation Remediation

Is a former Grow Operation home a good investment?

Prices are often much lower in a Grow Operation house than similar properties so at first glance it seems so. But the stigma will follow the property in perpetuity unless it’s razed to the studs and rebuilt. If it’s been remediated that means it’s perfectly fine now, right? Not to the banks.

What is a Grow-Op House?

Suburban house that is actually a concealed indoor marijuana plantation. Grow-ops are usually loaded with high-intensity lights for the crop, and often have illegally bypassed electrical meters, both to reduce costs and to prevent their detection by electrical consumption. They are often detected because of their heat — either via infra-red thermography or in colder climates, because snow melts on the roof faster than on other houses in the neighbourhood. Some larger scale grow-ops are installed in larger industrial buildings, rather than in residential areas.

To restore your property to a healthy and legally compliant state, you must provide the municipality with an environmental assessment stating that the building is: a) fit for occupancy, b) free from biological and chemical hazards, and c) structurally sound. The ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) will also require this information to turn the power back on. That’s where Lawrence Construction comes in!

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