Basement Braces

Lawrence Construction are basement braces specialists in Weyburn, Regina, Estevan and all of the Southern Saskatchewan region.

When walls in a basement or crawlspace begin to sag or buckle inward under pressure caused by the soil and water on the outside of the basement wall, it is important to effect repairs as soon as possible. Be vigilant when you own a home with a basement so you can spot a basement wall problem early.

Most of the houses built on Saskatchewan soil have shifted due to water, damage, weather, or aging. Most are candidates for foundation work — drainage and waterproofing, braces, foundation jacking, wood floor, or wall repair.

Wall bracing are pretty much what they sound like. They are braces put in place to help the house cope with the weight. They are also one of the most effective ways to repair and restore basements and to protect homes against further foundation damage.

The braces are put up to hold up your walls against the weight coming down and the forces coming across. Wind, flood, soil movement or other factors that can push against the foundation.

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After an old cinderblock basement is correctly structurally braced, with help from an interior drainage and new sump pump the basement can be good for another 60 years!

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